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The Mission of the American Shire Horse Association is to maintain the integrity of an accurate registry and promote the Shire breed through excellence.

Purpose: (summarized from the ASHA Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation)
• To form, conduct and operate a non-profit organization composed in whole or in part of persons, firms and/or corporations having interest in the breeding and improvement of Shire horses;
• To foster and preserve the traditions pertaining to the Shire horse;
• To encourage original investigations in determination and development of the best types of horses and the breeding to only purebred sires;
• To assist in procuring and making available for breeding suitable stallions and mares;
• To collect, revise, preserve and publish the history and pedigrees of purebred horses, particularly Shire stallions and mares, under such regulations as may be prescribed by said organization;
• To do all and every other act or thing necessary, suitable and/or proper for the accomplishment of all or any of the purposes or in the furtherance of any of the powers herein set forth and to do every other act or thing incidental to or appurtenant to or connected with said powers.

What Kind of Shire Do I Have?

American?  Canadian?  English? Shire is a breed of horse.  Some Shires are tall and lean, some are short and round.  Some are “old fashioned.” Some are “modern.”  Shires come in bay, black, grey and sorrell and most have white feathering on their legs.

The Shire breed was developed in England and all Shires should trace back to the Shire Horse Society (U.K.) studbooks.  Shires born in Europe are registered with the Shire Horse Society (established 1878, based on the English Cart Horse Society, established a few years earlier).  Shires in the United States are usually registered with the American Shire Horse Association (established 1885).  In Canada, most Shires are registered with the Canadian Shire Horse Association.  Agreements of mutual recognition between ASHA and CSHA allow Shire horses to be traded internationally and obtain registration papers in their country of residence.  Both ASHA and CSHA recognize Shire Horse Society papers so that imported horses and their offspring can be registered with the North American registries.