Message from your President,

Greetings to you, I hope all had a successful foaling season and your mares are bred back for next year. Show season is now here and our National Show is coming up in August. I invite everyone to join us in Des Moines, Iowa, whether you bring horses or just come to watch. It is a great gathering of horses and friends! We are always looking for class sponsorsif you are interested contact Lisa Graham, the National Show Coordinator, and she will add you to our list of supporters!

I would like to talk about a registration issue that we continue to have problems with. Once the breeder fills out the application to register, a DNA kit is emailed to them. As soon as you receive this kit, you need to pull the hair and take the pictures to finish the registration, this needs to be done in a very timely manner. We have tried to be patient but continue to have incomplete paperwork sitting in the work queue for over a year?? This causes extra work for the office and keeps the horseout of our registry. We do have a rule that states after 90 days the incompleted application is taken out of the queue and the application process will have to start  over. If you need help with completing forms or tips on pulling the hair samples, please call me at 208-521-7375 or any of the board members, we are happy to help!

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